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Gourmet experience beyond the Polar circle

That you have never tasted a reindeer steak? Not a big deal! Let's explore the delicious Lappish cuisine beyond the Arctic circle in the very north of Sweden, in the village of Abisko.

Cheap eateries in George Town - Penang

A quick look into delicious Malaysian cuisine with a sample of traditional dishes. Valuable tips on where to find good and cheap restaurants in George Town, Penang.

Half a year traveling around Asia for 4,500 USD?
Is that a realistic budget? Yes! The calculation is based on the travel expenses we had in Asia. Flights, insurance, transport, food, accommodation, all included!

What's the cheapest local transport option from Laos to the Cambodian Angkor Wat?

Guide to the cheapest transport option from Laos to Angkor Wat. This local variant is very cheap and not always comfortable. Save up to two-thirds of the regular fare!

Dealing with initial formalities for work in Ireland

Guide to handling necessary formalities for your first job in Ireland. Requesting a PPS tax number and opening a bank account.

Arctic experience beyond the Polar circle

Explore Northern lights, dog sledding, excellent food, or mountain hiking in the polar Swedish Lapland! Read about our life in Abisko.

Cheap eateries in the center of Kuala Lumpur (Chinatown)

Get some useful tips on where to find some authentic restaurants in the center of KL. Enjoy excellent Malaysian and Chinese cuisine for a few bucks!

Travel around the world for 10 USD a day!

Does it seem a bit too low? Read more in the article as we traveled around the world for a mere 10 USD per person and day.

How to get a tourist visa to Vietnam online?

Many dubious online agencies offer an approval letter. You can't trust them all. Read how we arranged the visa and what agency we can recommend.

How to get a tourist visa to Laos in Hanoi?

Here's how to get it done.

Transport from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) to Phu Quoc Island

Overview of transport options (air, bus, boat). What's the cost? Enjoy the speed boat ride!

Food on Khao San Road in Bangkok

Guide to the culinary world around the world-famous Khao San Rd. What are the options for cheap meals, what dishes are available, where and at what price?

How to get an extract from the New Zealand Criminal Records

Whoever goes on Working Holiday to Canada and had stayed for more than 6 months in New Zealand, must provide an extract from the criminal records.

From Vietnam to Laos on the local route

Do you want to experience authentic local adventure from the Vietnam-Laos mountain border crossing? Read more!

Tips for buying electronics in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam

A summary of Saigon's most popular electronics stores.

Sim card and 4G LTE Internet in Vietnam

How much do LTE data bundles cost and what mobile provider can I recommend? Where to buy a legit sim card in Ho Chi Minh?

Cheap international money transfer service

A reliable, fast and inexpensive way how to send your money overseas. Great alternative to the obsolete and overpriced classic banking system. Convert and send your funds simply and seamlessly through the online intuitive interface what Transferwise provides. 

From Bangkok to Angkor Wat and scams at the Thailand-Cambodian border
Anyone who travels from Bangkok to Angkor Wat in Cambodia should know more about fraudulent behavior at the Thailand-Cambodian border. Don't let them scam you!

How to get a visa to Cambodia in Hanoi?

Read practical information on how to get a Cambodian visa in Vietnam.