Prices and travel costs in Indonesia

Would you like to travel in Indonesia on a budget and you have no idea how much it will cost?

On this page, I give a summary of our travel expenses and an overview of current prices in Indonesia in 2015. Compared to other SE Asian countries, Indonesia with an average monthly cost of 485 USD per person ranks the cheapest. You might be able to go even a bit lower, but that depends on everyone's personal preferences and needs. If you plan to visit UNESCO's world heritage sites and national parks, count on extra expenses that won't be negligible (Crater Bromo entry 320K IDR, Borobudur, and Prambanan entrance 30USD).


Náklady a výdaje Indonésie 2015

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Total expenses for 48 days of stay, incl. 2x visas (710,000 IDR): 9,950,000 IDR


Average daily expenses: 207,000 IDR, 16.14 USD (as of October 16, 2015, per person)


Average monthly expenses: 6,215,500 IDR, 485 USD



Best ratio meal price/quantity: Sky Garden, Kuta Bali - All U Can Eat: 57,500 IDR in May 2015 unlimited food consumption for 4 hours, the first hour of unlimited beer consumption included. From June 2015, 100,000 IDR unlimited consumption of food and drink (soft, beer, vodka + pop) for 4 hours.

Cheapest take out: 2x chicken menu with rice, hamburger for 21,000 IDR (Jogja)

Most expensive food: grilled fish in Medwi for 120,000 IDR

Cheapest bakso: 7,500 IDR, Karangas

Average total daily food cost: 79,000 IDR

Cheapest bemo: Lovina Beach - Singaraja Kantor Imigrasi, 1,000 IDR

Most expensive bemo: Singaraja - Amlapura, 35,000 IDR

Cheapest scooter: 40,000 IDR (Lovina Beach)

Most expensive scooter: 100,000 IDR incl. 2 liters of petrol (Dieng)

Most expensive ticket: 150,000 IDR for the Jogja - Jakarta train in the Executive Class

Average total daily travel cost: 28,000 IDR

Cheapest accommodation: 70,000 IDR per night (Pacitan)

Most expensive accommodation: IDR 200,000 per night (Denpasar, Gili Meno)

Average total accommodation cost: 110,000 IDR per night

Highest one-off expense: IDR 1,700,000 for a broken surfboard

Examples of current consumer product prices:


Current prices October 2015 at Hypermart - Lippo Mall in Kuta, Bali. Prices in smaller stores may be higher.

T-shirt: 50 - 65K

Lingerie: 40 - 65K

Sweatshirt: 120K

Shorts: 120K

Jeans: 120K

Shampoo: 25K

Toothpaste: 5 - 25K (Sensodyne)

Toothbrush: 10K

Soap: 3K

Nivea Roll-On: 16.5K

Deodorant spray Axe: 22K

Adidas spray deodorant: 39K

Washing powder 450g: 10K

Toilet paper 1pc: 3K

Pads: 10K

Tea Package: 50K (Dilmah), 5k (Common)

Coffee Luwak 50g: 135 - 162K

Robusta coffee 200g: 20K

Java green tea package: 20K

Milk 1l: 15K

Cocoa milk 1l: 15K

Instant noodles: 3.5K

Filled buns package: 8.5 - 10.5K

Toast 10pcs: 9,5K

Jam: 23K

Marmalade: 60K

Oat Milk mixture: 30K

Corned Chicken Can: 14K

Canned Sardines: 14K

Cookies: 8K

Chips: 8 - 10K

Pringles: 20K

Chocolate 100g: 35K, 33K (Ritter sport)

Maxx Lion: 3.5K

Snickers: 7K

Juice 1l: 18 - 37K

Flavored Tea 0.5l: 6 - 7K

Ice Nescafe: 8K

Musli Packaging: 85 - 125K

Pasta Pack: 20K, 8K (Spaghetti)

Eggs 15pcs: 28K

Kiwi 1kg: 15K

Apples 1kg: 55K

Grapes 1kg: 100K

Tomatoes 1kg: 10K

Watermelon 1kg: 7,5K

Salak Bali 1kg: 20K

Mandarins 1kg: 59K

Bananas 1kg: 2K

Salmon 1kg: 300K

Cornetto: 8.5K

Sliced cheese 175g: 20K

Bacon 1kg: 170K

Yoghurt 1l: 68K, 125g: 12,5K

Beer Bintang 620ml: 30K

Cola 1,5l: 10K

Water 1,5l: 3,3K


Other prices:

McDonalds Big Mac Menu: 44K

Petrol 1l: 7,4K

Cinema: 50K

Kuta Water Park: 470K

Menu samples FYI

Menu Yaya Gili Meno Indonésie
Menu Yaya Gili Meno Indonésie
Menu Putri Gili Meno Indonésie
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali
Mai Malu Menu Bali Indonésie
Mai Malu Menu Bali Indonésie
Fry friend Menu Gili Air Indonésie
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali
Bamboo Corner Menu Kuta Bali

Indonesia is cheap, so don't wait and go!