Eurovelo 6: Crossing Europe on a bike - Campsites on EV6 Eurovelo 6 na kole

A detailed list of campsites on the EV6: Tulln - St. Brevin (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France). Maps, accommodation prices, and additional services information. Summer 2017.

Autocamp Dvůr Honětice, Honětice, 220 CZK

A charming family farm/campsite ground off the beaten tracks with a small refreshing pond ready to jump in. The owner, a cool dude, once found out what travel plans we had, left four free beers for us at the bar. There are wonderfully clean showers and toilets, electrical outlets at the campsite and very important - Beer Rychtar for 24 CZK. - EV6: Autokemp Dvůr Honětice - EV6: Autokemp Dvůr Honětice

Camping Slovácký Dvůr, Ostrožská Nová Ves, 300 CZK

Nice, clean and new campsite. Modern toilets, electrical outlets on site, summer kitchen available including all the equipment and pottery needed. At the property's restaurant, you can connect to the Wifi free of charge and get beer Bernard 11 for 29 CZK or pickled cheese Hermelin for CZK 59. This beautiful campground provides accommodation in chalets and cabins as well. - EV6: Slovácký Dvůr - EV6: Slovácký Dvůr

Camping Josef, Dubňany, 150 CZK

We pitched our tent next to an electrical switchboard. Wifi was available right in the tent. The poolside restaurant offers Litovel beer for CZK 30 and basic snacks. Restroom building is old, but just okay. - EV6: Kemp Josef

Camping Pálava, Nové Mlýny, 180 CZK

A little communist but well-maintained campsite offers all you need - a restaurant with cheap meals (e.g., pork and cabbage for CZK 80, Starobrno beer for CZK 29), clean toilets, equipped kitchen, Wifi, free firewood. - EV6: Kemp Pálava

Rivercamp Hrádek, Hrádek, 120 CZK

A very simple campground ideal for 1-night stay. During the afternoon, 80 boats passed through here. Before sunset, all tourists disappeared, and we found ourselves alone in the camp. There are one dry toilet and a shelter with a fireplace available. All your hygiene you execute in the river. It is necessary to call the manager (boat rental) or catch him up on the site in order to book your spot. - EV6: Kemp Hrádek

Camping Zwentendorf, Zwentendorf a.d.D (AU), 16,6 EUR

Basic but neat camping site offers clean toilets (hot shower), 6-8 electrical outlets at the back of the building. Every evening around 7 p.m. a caretaker shows up to collect the camping fee. - EV6: Kemp Zwentendorf

Camping Melk, Melk, 14 EUR

Simple green site designed for tents and vehicles. Pay at Fahrhaus Jensch Guesthouse / Restaurant at the entrance to the camp. Older clean showers can be found in the basement of the guest house. Do not expect Wifi or free electrical outlets. It is a well-maintained spot on the Danube riverbank, conveniently sitting right on the EV6 route. - EV6: Kemp Melk

Camping Ausee, Ausee, 10 EUR

This campsite is rather a regular longterm place for caravans and mobile homes scattered around the vast lake. These caravans form here a whole residential district. During the day the lake is widely used by visitors for swimming and water sports. Look out for the manager in nearby restaurant or kiosk. We were waiting for an incredible hour and a half until he showed his ass up. Place designed to pitch your tent you will find at the front of the building under reconstruction (2017) near the entrance to the grounds. You get a beautiful lake view from there. There are free  USB charging power stations, tables, cold showers free of charge (warm for 1 EUR). Campground Ausee is a decent overnight camping spot on a remote island near Linz. - EV6: Kemp Ausee

Camping Ottensheim, Ottensheim, 14 EUR

This peaceful family campground is a delightful place for overnight stay. Its well-maintained garden spreads around a little creek overlooking the fields. There are clean showers and toilets, outlets in the restroom only, sheltered terrace, Wifi in the restaurant across the main road. Billa, Lidl, and Spar to be found a kilometer away in the near village. I can definitely recommend this camping site! - EV6: Kemp Ottensheim

Camping Kohlbachmuhle, Kohlbachmuhle (D), 19 EUR

Camping (as a part of Pension and restaurant premises) is quite expensive for what it offers. However, showers and toilets are clean, and Wifi signal can be found even inside the tent. A washing machine is available for 3 EUR. Probably more affordable option would be choosing to camp in Kasten on the other side of the river instead.


Camping Nesslbach, Nesslbach, 14 EUR

This well-maintained clean campsite provides super clean toilets, hot showers, roofed sitting area, kitchen, washroom, washing machine and dryer (3 EUR x 2). Beautiful and TOP campsite for your money. Wifi is not available. - EV6: Kemp Nesslbach

RKC camping Regensburg, Regensburg, 14 EUR

Nice place in the grove, clean toilets, electrical outlets, drinking water and a reasonably-priced vending machine (lemonade 0.5 EUR, beer 1.5 EUR).


Vohburg Biwakplatz, Vohburg, a.d.D., 0 EUR

This perfect campsite was the only place during our entire trip, where we had the opportunity to stay entirely for free. Look for Biwakplatz right behind the bridge by the river. According to the information board at the entrance, you'll get 1st night free of charge. There is some kind of reporting obligation, but no one has really come up to check on us all night. For € 0, you'll get a lot - clean toilets and hot showers, electrical outlets, and plenty of green space to camp. - EV6: Biwakplatz

Campingplatz Donau Ruderclub Neuburg, Neuburg a.d.D., 17 EUR

It offers clean showers, a washroom, electrical outlets, dedicated spot for camping by the river. This boating camp was a bit neglected, but it's OK for one night. - EV6: Campingplatz Neuburg

Camping Dillingen Donaucamping, Dillingen a.d.D., 14,7 EUR

It offers pleasant facilities, free hot showers, electrical outlets, free Wifi right inside your tent, and a cheap restaurant. All this near the river. - EV6: Campingplatz Dillingen

Gasthaus Hirsch, Ersingen, 14 EUR, map

The pension owner offered us a pleasant camping spot hidden in the garden at the back of the building. We had all we needed - hot showers and electrical outlets in the cabin-container, Wifi. Chairs & tables on the lawn are available too. The camp lies directly on the EV6. I warmly recommend! - EV6: Campingplatz Hirsch

Campingplatz Out&Back, Sigmaringen, 17,5 EUR

Very commercial site! Especially during weekends, the camp was overcrowded, packed with families doing barbeque and crowds of drunk people strolling all around. As the tent section, they reserved a miserable, crappy place full of lying stones, without electrical outlets, nor Wifi. Upon payment at the front desk, we received one free token for hot showers. Should you need more you pay. Remote restrooms were dirty and smelly due to many visitors in the camp. The showers function after inserting token only, so do not expect any free cold shower (no token - no water).


Campingplatz Wagenburg, Hausen im Tal, 13 EUR

Basic campsite on the riverbank offers clean and spacious showers and toilets (hot shower for 1 EUR / 7 min). We enjoyed friendly service at the kiosk - front desk. Here you can buy some basic snacks, beer, and ice cream. During hot summer weekends, it can get filled up with families pretty quickly. Washing for 2.5 EUR, drying 30 min for 1 EUR (washing powder included). - EV6: Campingplatz Wagenburg

Campinggarten Wahlwies, Wahlwies, 20,5 EUR

This well-maintained but expensive campsite offers a washing machine, free hot showers, free Wifi, a pleasant outdoor seating area (you might wanna get a drink at the front desk), washbasins and sinks. Should you need to charge your phone - they will help you at the front desk. - EV6: Campingplatz Wahlwies

Freibad Camping Jestetten, Jestetten, 18,5 EUR

A slightly more expensive campground at the public swimming pool provides surprisingly excellent value for your money - hot free showers, free wifi, grill, electrical outlets, washing machine (50 c / 30 min), free swimming pool entry. - EV6: Campingplatz Jestetten - EV6: Camping Le Safari

Camping Les Lumes, L´Isle sur le Doubs, 13,2 EUR

During weekends, it might get a bit overcrowded, which might lead to increased waiting time in the restrooms. However, cleanliness was excellent. Due to the high number of visitors, phone charging in the bathroom is literally impossible, but overall it was a pleasant camping experience. Warm showers are free of charge, and free Wifi is available at front desk.


Camping de la Plage, Chalezeule, 20 EUR

Free Wifi, free hot showers, plenty of electrical outlets in the restroom. Toilet paper and soap available in the bathroom, as opposed to the two previous campsites. There were masses of strolling people all around us, and for 20 EUR this site appeared to be a bit too pricey and too commercial (as it tends to occur in big cities) in our opinion. - EV6: Camping de la Plage

Camping Les Herlequins, St. Jean de Losne, 14,5 EUR

Here again, we have applied a discount for the cyclists traveling on Saint-Jacob route. The lady owner also welcomed us with a glass of chilled water. For as little as EUR 15, we got a cool little spot connected to electricity near the tables at the playground. The toilets and washrooms were clean, washing machine and dryer are available (4 + 3 EUR). Connect to Wifi at the local restaurant where you can also get something simple to eat. - EV6: Camping Les Herlequins - EV6: Camping Les Herlequins

Camping du Pont de Bourgogne, Chalon sur Saone, 22 EUR

Just as it's common in overcrowded campsites near big cities, you definitely not going to get a lot of bang for your buck. For EUR 22, we got assigned to an unmarked piece of grass at the crossroads on the way to the washrooms. From everywhere, crowds of people were endlessly flowing into the restrooms, and we heard every bustle coming from a bunch of tents camping all around us. There are free hot showers, free toilet paper, free Wifi available at the front desk only (not always working). During the hectic summer months, I definitely can't recommend this campsite to any traveler! - EV6: Camping du Pont de Bourgogne

Camping du Lac Palinges, Palinges, 19 EUR

This amazing campground offers a free washing machine, free hot showers, free Wifi, and even a free coffee at the front desk. It's a very clean and well-maintained camp indeed. We were given own assigned grassy spot overlooking the lake. A snack bus is waiting for you too. I definitely recommend this campsite. - EV6: Camping du Lac Palinges - EV6: Camping du Lac Palinges

Camping Gué de Loire (Municipal), Diou, 10,9 EUR

Low-cost little camp built right next to the green relaxation zone and the playground on the banks of the river. Dirtier washrooms you'll find on the ground floor of the building belonging to the stadium. Quality and cleanliness of the restrooms are not fantastic, but hot showers are free of charge. Should you need to reheat your meal, you might be happy about a free microwave oven for your convenience in the same building. Wifi and charging phones are subjects to an extra fee at the front desk. - EV6: Camping Gue de Loire

Camping Municipal la Saulaie, La Charité sur Loire, 13,6 EUR

If you happen to have the opportunity to choose a spot by yourself, I recommend a place near number 45, opposite the non-functional pool. This part of the campsite offers considerably more privacy than the reserved strip for the cyclists at the fence near the river. There is a TV room with a seating area, electrical outlets, and a fridge, free Wifi, free hot showers, laundry + drying + powder for 5 EUR. - EV6: Camping Municipal la Saulaie

Camping Touristique de Gien, Gien, 15 EUR

There is a special discount for cyclists. You will get free hot showers, a swimming pool access and a spot overlooking the river and the Gien Castle (noticeably similar to La Charité). They will charge you for Wifi 3 EUR, for washing and drying another 5 + 3 EUR. - EV6: Camping Touristique de Gien

Camping de I´Isle des Moulins, Jargeau, 15 EUR

A bit old but nice camping featuring hot showers, free Wifi, electrical outlets in the washrooms and washing machine for 5 EUR.


Camping Val de Blois, Blois, 15,38 EUR

We were pleasantly surprised by this friendly campsite in Blois. This reasonably priced campground offers enough dedicated flat pitches, free Wifi, free hot showers, washing machine and dryer for 8 EUR, free entry to the heated outdoor swimming pool next door. For your comfort, there is a designed sitting area and charging point at the front desk. In this area, you can also buy some snacks, cans, and bike accessories. Neat and spacious camp, I definitely recommend. - EV6: Camping Val de Blois - EV6: Camping Val de Blois

Camping de la Confluence, Savonnieres, 16,4 EUR

A standard campsite that does not really match its 3-star rating. Wifi is free of charge, showers are hot, but the number of toilets and showers is way too low considering size of the campground (4 toilets / 6 showers, divided between men and women). Relatively overpriced campsite. - EV6: Camping de la Confluence

Camping Au Bord de Loire, Gennes, 16,4 EUR

Expect free Wi-Fi, hot showers, laundry and tumble dryer for 6 EUR in this cozy camping. I recommend using restrooms in the new building near the front desk.


Camping de la Promenade, Montjean S. L., 18 EUR

Pick a place for your tent as you like. A free green power station is available for you on the reserved spot. In this campsite you will get free Wifi access, hot showers, Tv room, swimming pool, washing and drying at 8 EUR (old machines - I do not recommend washing here). Pleasant camp.


Camping du Migron, Le Migron, 8 EUR

At this unbelievably low price, you get the standard deal. For your convenience, there are two toilets, hot showers, electrical outlets, sitting area in a big outdoor tent and more than enough of space designed for camping on the meadow. - EV6: Camping du Migron

Camping Le Pas du Gu, Les Rochelets, 13,5 EUR

Well priced campground compared to the competition in this zone. There is Wifi free of charge at the front desk, hot free showers, free choice to pick your camping spot. Charge your devices either in the bathroom or at the front desk. They also offer cheap beer (1.5-2 EUR) and coffee (0.5-1 EUR). There is nothing else we could wish for. We chose a large sunny spot with an all-day shade under arched trees on the backside of the camp. This campsite is relatively calm compared to large commercial campings in the neighborhood. Laundry is for 3 EUR only.


Camping des Loriettes, Pornichet, 17,9 EUR

Noticeably more commercial camp than the previous one. You get significantly less room for camping, paid Wifi (madly expensive), hot free showers. The camp's advantage is its convenient location to the railway station, about 11 km.

Campingplatz Bachtalen, Mohlin (CH), 20 EUR

Fairly decent camp. Among standing caravans, you will be granted a spot for your tent, right in front of the building providing hot showers and clean WC. You can use the stoves in the kitchen which is equipped with tables, fridge, and electrical outlets. Wifi is free of charge, as is the occasional smell of breeze coming from a nearby wastewater treatment plant.


Camping Le Safari, Mulhouse (F), 10 EUR

This campsite located near Mulhouse, in a pleasant pine oasis, gives discounts to cyclists. For € 10 do not expect any toilet paper provided (as in most campsites in France), nor expect cleaning of the restrooms performed daily. Free hot showers, free swimming pool entry, and washing machines are available (4.5 EUR + 3 EUR).