Fight ticket to Canada including a train trip across Canada for the price of an average flight ticket!

Sooner or later, each of the successful candidates for Working Holiday visa will be interested in the possibility to travel from Europe to Canada as cheaply as possible.

I have already successfully passed through the process of selecting and purchasing cheap flight tickets, and I would like to share my knowledge and point out a few low-cost airline routes.


The final price of the trip from the Czech Republic to Canada, of course, depends on the destination in Canada. For those who are interested in the cheapest flight ticket options on the route Europe - Canada, I have a list of low-cost lines (one way, price including all charges and 1 checked luggage of at least 23kg):


Dublin - St. John's - Toronto, West Jet, from 3000 CZK (May, 133 USD)

Dublin - Toronto, Air Transat, from 5,250 CZK (May, 233 USD)

London - Toronto, West Jet, from 5,500 CZK (May, 245 USD)

Rome - Montreal, Air Transat, from 7,300 CZK (May, 325 USD)

Barcelona - Toronto, Air Transat, from 7,600 CZK (May, 338 USD)

Paris - Quebec, Air Transat, from 6,600 CZK (May, 294 USD)


If you want to get the most out of your trip to Canada and get as much bang for your buck as possible, I'll mention the following more exciting and exotic combinations (corridors):


If you are attracted by the harshness of the landscape of the tundra, the volcanic and geologically active land dotted with volcanoes, lava fields, and thermal hot springs, contrasting with the glaciers and the cold waters of the wild rivers flowing down their slopes, Iceland is the right choice for you!


Oslo - Reykjavik, Icelandair, from 1,800 CZK (May, 80 USD)

Prague - London - Reykjavik, Ryanair, EasyJet, from 4,200 CZK (May, 187 USD)

Reykjavik - Toronto, WowAir, from 5,100 CZK (227 USD), Reykjavik - Toronto, Icelandair, from 6,000 CZK (267 USD)

Reykjavik - Montreal, WowAir, from 5,100 CZK, Reykjavik - Montreal, Icelandair, from 6,100 CZK (271 USD)


If you want something warmer, got for hiking or spending holiday and with a much more pleasant subtropical climate? Go to the jungle inland, explore the sharp cliffs on the coast, enjoy the waters of the clear lakes in the valleys and dip your body in thermal springs - all in one (at least) of 9 remote Portuguese islands of volcanic origin - in the Azores!


Lisbon - Ponta Delgada (Azores), Ryanair, from 1,500 Kč (May, 67 USD)

Ponta Delgada - Toronto, Sata International, from 5,000 CZK (June, 222 USD)


To compare the flight ticket prices, use the Skyscanner and Kiwi web portals to get the rough price information, which you may then verify on individual airlines or travel agents websites. I list most of the particular prices with departure in May 2016. In general, the most advantageous departure time to Canada in terms of saving travel costs is in May. Except for winter months, ticket prices will increase by 1,500 - 2000 CZK (67 - 90 USD) compared to May prices. In the period December - March expect an increase of 5,000 CZK (222 USD).


The key to success is a regular flight ticket price checking on the selected route.


We were lucky and encountered and Icelandair's amazing offer (before publishing on Cestujlevne) on the Munich-Reykjavik-Toronto route for 5,036 CZK (224 USD) per person, including checked baggage, all charges and just 11 hours travel time.


For a trip from Prague to Munich Airport, we will use the Flixbus service for EUR 10 (12 USD).



If you want to look for a job in British Columbia, expect the cheapest flight ticket Prague (Katowice) - Vancouver to cost about 11,000 CZK (489 USD, May, June) - an average standard price ranges between 12.5 - 13,000 CZK (578 USD).


We decided to cross entire Canada by train from Toronto to the charming Vancouver on the West Coast. On the Canadian Railways website (, you'll find, from time to time, amazing deals - Economy Escape Fare, which are definitely worth considering.


On the Toronto - Vancouver route, we chose two stops - in Winnipeg and the beautiful Jasper Nature Park.

Besides the Trans-Siberian railway in Russia, this route across Canada is one of the TOP traveler's dreams. For this exciting four-day train trip connecting the east coast with the west coast of Canada, of a total of almost 4,500 km we paid in sale 400 CAD per person (325 USD)!


Taking into account that a regular domestic flight ticket between Toronto and Vancouver costs about 4,000 CZK (178 USD), this Canadian Railways offer for 7,300 CZK (325 USD) is unbeatable (you will save on four nights at a hotel). During this absolutely amazing train ride across Canada, travelers have plenty of time and comfort to enjoy a breathtaking nature, through which this train corridor built in the early 20th century leads.


Since I focus on my websites on low-cost traveling I share our final cost calculation of the trip to Canada:

Train Olomouc - Prague, 150 CZK (6.70 USD)

Flixbus Prague - Munich, 270 CZK (12 USD)

Ticket Icelandair Munich - Toronto, 5,036 CZK (224 USD)

Train ViaRail Toronto - Vancouver, 7,300 CZK (325 USD)

TOTAL 12, 756 CZK (567.70 USD, per person)


At the price of an average Prague - Vancouver flight ticket, you will have an excellent opportunity to explore Canada uniquely by train via one of the longest train rides in the world!


Together with our other catch on the route Prague - Dubai - Bangkok - Melbourne - Auckland (a ticket for 9,254 CZK, 411 USD), this ticket to Toronto, including a train ride across Canada for 12,800 CZK (570 USD), ranks among best catches we've had in the last two years.


Follow my blog posts to find out more about traveling by train across Canada.