Cheap restaurants and street food in downtown Kuala Lumpur - Chinatown

If you are low-cost travelers, you are most likely to dock in Kuala Lumpur's cheap backpacker Chinese quarter near Jalan Sultan street. We ended up here as well and stayed in the "oasis" of the modest, inexpensive Guest House Oasis (map).

As is common in other big cities, also here in Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur you will find a range of cheap accommodation and dining options. Like the eternally hungry travelers, we hit the streets of Chinatown, and in the following article, I give you a summary of all the interesting points - as far as food is concerned. Follow my cheap restaurant tips that won't break the bank.

So let's go!

Hotel Mandarin Pacific

Head to the luxurious Mandarin Pacific Hotel (map) to get a relaxing breakfast. This ordinary looking hotel lies right on Jalan Sultan and offers a rather average but inexpensive breakfast (10 MYR). For 2.50 USD per person, you can choose from a simple breakfast buffet: coffee, tea, cereals, fruit, yogurt, marmalade, and three hot plate dishes (fried rice, noodles or potatoes). Try Kaya (traditional Malaysian coconut egg marmalade).


The selection is very limited but is sufficient for a quick and cheap breakfast. Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast buffet, Hotel Mandarin Pacific, map, 10 MYR Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Pork Ribs w Old Cucumber Soup, 9 MYR Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Nam Heong

At this nice, clean and authentic Chinese restaurant Nam Heong (map) we had a real gastronomic orgasm.


For the gourmets, they prepare chicken feet broth with peanuts (9 MYR) or super strong broth with pork ribs and "old cucumber" (9 MYR).


You can choose from chicken, pork ribs, roasted or BBQ pork.


As an ideal accompaniment to the main course goes very well warm salad with oyster sauce and roasted onion (small for 7.5 MYR).


As a drink, I can recommend delicious chilled lemon tea (3.5 MYR) or Chinese tea (1 MYR).


The price of a regular lunch menu including soup, main course, salad, and drink is 24.30 MYR per person (6 USD).


To see all goodies and prices, check out their menu.

BBQ Pork + Roast Chicken, 14,90 MYR Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Warm Ice Salad with Oyster Sauce, 7.50 MYR

Han Kee

Just a few steps away south along the same Jalan Sultan street, look for the lovely Han Kee canteen (map), providing indoor restaurant capacity and extended outdoor street sitting area. Sit on the plastic chair outdoors and have one of many delicious specialties.


We loved the dish called Claypot Loh Shu Fun, a mixture of minced pork, Shiitake mushrooms, thick noodles - silver needle noodles (made from rice and corn flour), topped with spring onion and raw egg. The dish is served in a hot clay pot.


For two people I recommend the size M - medium for 18 MYR.


You can also choose from several varieties of soups. Size S should be enough to satisfy the average diner. All soups cost 8 MYR each.


You can, of course, order a typical WOK classics, such as fried chicken with Shiitake mushrooms and celery.


Drinks start at 1 MYR.


For the menu of filling soup, main course and drink we paid 24 MYR per person on average. Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Claypot Loh Shu Fun - size M, 18 MYR Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Soup - Rich broth with vegetables, tofu and seaweed, size S, 8 MYR Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Set Rice - fried chicken with Shiitake mushrooms and celery, 10 MYR Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Fong Yuan

You can go to the Fong Yuan Restaurant (map) to get a fabulous Braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (35 MYR).


This restaurant adjoins our favorite Nam Heong. The quality of the food is good. Only the prices are substantially higher.


We spent for a dinner consisting of pork, soup, chicken on black pepper and beverages 37 MYR (approx. 9 USD) per person, that is, the most within the area.

Braised Pork Belly w preserved vegetables, 35 MYR Cheap restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Chicken on black pepper and vegetables, 15 MYR

Fast Food

If you feel like fast food, you won't have any problem in Kuala Lumpur at all. There are many famous fast food chain restaurants throughout the city.

Big Whooper Menu starts at 14.30 MYR, McDonald's coffee and sundae you can get for 6 MYR, Big Mac Menu + Coffee + Sundae for 17 MYR.


Chinatown also lives in the night. After a meaty dinner, you will definitely enjoy a chilled beer somewhere around the market. The usual price of half a liter of this golden drink in the bottle starts around 15 MYR (3,65 USD, Tiger, Chang, Anchor).