Good and cheap traditional Warungs (restaurants) in Ubud

In touristy Ubud, you will definitely have no problem finding a nice restaurant or cozy bar. Ubud significantly benefits from growing tourism, and thus the number of various restaurants and eateries is shooting up as well. Besides traditional Balinese dishes served on a banana leaf, you can get Chinese, Indian and International (European) food too. Complement your delicious meal with a large bottle of cold Bintang beer (35 - 45K IDR) or a mixed drink (60K IDR or more) slowly sipping in a comfortable couch of the many terraces or lounges.

However, not everyone (especially long-term travelers) wants to pay every day exorbitant prices for meals which you can get a few streets away literally for a couple bucks. Due to the massive influx of wealthy tourists (mainly Chinese), the restaurateurs have set the food prices in the center of Ubud relatively high. For a regular pasta dish expect to pay at least 60K IDR (5.1 USD), for a chapati called pizza 50K and for the Indonesian cheapest classics Nasi Goreng (fried rice) they ask for 30K. And these are just starting prices.

Generally speaking, the price level of restaurants in Ubud is somewhere at the level of Czech prices (Prague). Therefore, we can eat well with our circumstances.


It's never a bad idea to inform yourselves upfront about cheap but excellent local places to eat.  Here I come with a list of some traditional Warungs in Ubud (restaurants, canteens) where we enjoyed dining the most.


After visiting the Monkey Forest, you can definitely try one of the popular local specialties - Suckling Duck in the nearby restaurant Segara Suckling Duck (map). You will find this restaurant slightly tucked in the courtyard behind the travel agency (Perama) at the main road. In this clean restaurant, they serve a delicious set menu - half a grilled duck (rather a duckling) with a salad of bamboo sprouts, beans and peanuts and a bowl of tasty broth (66K IDR, 5.5 USD).


For those who prefer something else, I recommend Nasi Campur, a roasted juicy piece of chicken with a mixed-meat skewer and salad (25K IDR).


The outdoor billboard claims that they have the "Best Duck in the City." Well, I can only confirm the excelent quality of served meals. Everything was fresh, delicious and quickly prepared. And it's cheap - you might end up paying in other restaurants for the same Suckling Duck up to 3 times more.

Segara Suckling Duck Ubud

Pleasant sitting area in Segara Suckling Duck

Segara Suckling Duck Ubud

Nasi Campur for 25,000 IDR

Segara Suckling Duck Ubud

Half Suckling Duck for 66,000 IDR

To try another local delicacy Suckling Pig - Babi Guling, go to the famous Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 3 Restaurant, just a few steps away from the Ubud Palace (map). This restaurant is popular among tourists and always fully occupied. The quality of the food is excellent, serving sizes just about right, only the prices are quite high. I recommend taking place on the right "by the window" overlooking the greenery. For the lunch menu - Pisah (crunchy pork skin, lean meat, black sausage, fried fat, salad, rice, soup) they charge 77K IDR (including tax).

Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka Ubud

Babi Guling Pisah for 77,000 IDR

Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka Ubud

A bowl of broth incl. in the menu Pisah

Whoever doesn't want to queue for an available table in the touristy Babi Guling Ibu Oka 3, may taste this special dish "Suckling Pig" in the simple environment of the very well-rated local Warung Babi Guling Payangan Bu (map). For half the money (35K IDR) you get pretty much the same as in Babi Guling Ibu Oka 3 (Pisah). The food was so delicious that I had to think twice whether to order one more serving or not - even though my stomach was full.

Warung Babi Guling Payangan Ubud

Babi Guling for 35,000 IDR

Delicious and nicely decorated traditional meals are served in the pleasant ambiance of Warung Bog Sari (map). Prices are still acceptable, and the aesthetic impression of the meals will pleasantly surprise you. I recommend Nasi Campur (chicken satay, prawn, stewed beef, tempeh and tofu in peanut sauce, rice and a lot of sides, 35K).


Whoever was in Ubud certainly heard mention of Dewa Warung (map). In a friendly family setting of this terraced restaurant, they offer excellent meals of Balinese and Chinese cuisine at a price that you won't even believe your eyes. Everything here is for a few bucks. Try excellent soup Soto Ayam (20K), Fuyung Hay omelet (22K, potato pancake) or excellent Cashew Ginger Chicken (35K). Yeah, and the Fresh Mint Lemon Juice is incredibly delicious (12K)!

Dewa Warung Ubud

Cashew Ginger Chicken for 35,000 IDR

Dewa Warung Ubud

Proper Soto Ayam for 20,000 IDR

Every now and then I have a need to eat something unhealthy - like a crispy fried chicken with fries and a hamburger. In Ubud, you have several options at very low prices. On Jl. Cok Gede Rai look for the red, yellow eatery Mr. Crip's Fried Chicken (map). If you continue north along this street, you will find some very cheap street fast food stalls as well. You can also get cheap meals at MyDea Fried Chicken inside the well-stocked Delta Dewata shopping mall (map).

Mr Crips Fried Chicken Ubud

Burger with a slice of fake meat for 24,000 IDR

Mr Crips Fried Chicken Ubud

Chicken paket for 24,000 IDR

If you are staying in the center of Ubud and want to grab something to eat around here, on Jl. Arjuna, you can choose from several cheap and good family Warungs (map).

Warung Arimas Ubud

Nice family Warung Arimas on Jl. Arjuna

Warung Arimas Ubud

Ayam Teriyaki Jamur for 20,000 IDR

Warung Arimas Ubud

Bihun Goreng for 20,000 IDR