Good and cheap restaurants (warungs) in Kuta in Bali

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Are you traveling on a low budget, or want to save a few bucks sometimes? I have a couple of local tips for you where to get tasty and cheap food in Kuta.



In the article "Kuta from a different angle," I have already described how Kuta can get incredibly diverse, speaking of food and international cuisine. All the food that you used to from home you can get in Kuta as well. The only problem is that local restaurants charge nice money for international meals. And, that's not so exciting.



If you'd like to get a good tasty meal and not to spend a fortune at the same time, continue reading - I have two amazing tips to share with you!



Bamboo Corner

You will find this authentic family restaurant right on Jl. Poppies Lane 1. This charming and homely eatery with a sufficient capacity of seats (two rooms indoor and four outdoor tables) is famous for it's delicious, cheap meals, kind waiting staff, and quick service. This restaurant is equipped simply - bamboo tables and chairs along with bamboo mats adorning the walls create a fairly cozy environment. Hence the name Bamboo Corner. From the narrative of long-term Australian guests, the original concept of this restaurant has not changed over the last 20 years at all.



The food is delicious, the serving size is rather average, but you can ask for two plates - this is without exaggeration the cheapest restaurant all around! Everything is cheap. Do not forget to try great fresh fruit juices and shakes.



What meals can you get here? Find inspiration in the articles about traditional Indonesian cuisine and dishes.

For more information on pricing and to view the Bamboo Corner menu click here.

Bamboo Corner Kuta
Bamboo Corner Kuta
Bamboo Corner Kuta

Sky Garden - All You Can Eat & Drink

Don't get fooled into thinking that Sky Garden is only a famous disco complex in Kuta. Here you can meet loads of young people from all over the world, mostly from Australia and Europe, and enjoy the wild party until dawn. However, that's not all!



Before the party starts, I would recommend visiting the popular Sky Garden - All You Can Eat buffet. The buffet is served in the restaurant on a separate terrace located on the highest floor of the complex. There is plenty of room for everyone and enough of comfy couches and benches. Especially couples may want to enjoy the quiet terrace behind the staircase, offering a romantic view of the sunset accompanied by saxophone music coming from nearby speakers. For larger groups, there are long tables available or boxes providing enough capacity for up to 6 people.



So what you can actually get in here? For the price of 99K IDR, i.e., 8.15 USD, you can consume food and selected drinks unlimitedly from 5 PM to 9 PM. Yeah, it can get even dangerous. The variety of buffet changes every day, throughout the week you can try the following meals:



Pizza & Pasta, Mexican tacos, and Enchiladas, Wings from all over the world, Schnitzel & goulash and dumplings, BBQ chicken and ribs, Steaks and seafood, Traditional Sunday roast.



Of course, every buffet is complemented with a wide choice of salads, sides, grilled meats, fruit, and desserts.

To keep it even more entertaining, you can top your stomach capacity up to 100% with all kinds of drinks included in the price. The selection is as follows:



San Miguel draught beer, Coca-Cola, orange juice, Tonic, Sprite, a local variant of Redbull, Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff vodka. All for 4h unlimited. You can imagine how everyone looks like when this time runs out. Shitfaced.



If you don't want to stop even after 4 hours, there is a possibility of getting a free flyer on the Kuta beach which you can redeem for unlimited consumption of previously mentioned beverages for another 2h (9 PM - 11 PM) and FREE OF CHARGE. That's a bargain, ain't it?



If you decide to come for 2hr free flow drinks only (with the flyer), the Sky Garden admission is free.

Taking into account high prices of beer in Kuta (Large Bintang min. 35K), this offer is absolutely unbeatable. There is no catch at all -  the buffet and drinks are 4 hours unlimited, free entrance, no one will force you to stay in the club or buy more drinks. We visited this place at least 10 times during our stays in Kuta.

All You Can Eat Bufet - 99K IDR - Sky Garden Bali

That's how the Sky Garden All You Can Eat Buffet looks like. Besides great food, fresh San Miguel beer you can get to know many new people. Sky Garden rocks!

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Sky Garden Kuta Bali
Sky Garden Kuta Bali
Sky Garden Kuta Bali