Formalities associated with the first job in Ireland, bank account opening, PPS request


Everyone who is serious about getting a job in Ireland has to go through the initial inevitable bureaucratic process, as in any other country.


PPS number

In the first place, you will need a PPS number for your work in Ireland, which is the official personal number, which will later be linked to the taxes, social benefits, etc.


You can request a new PPS at one of the many registration Intreo centers (web). Since we worked in Enniscorthy, we set up our number in nearby Wexford.


Make sure you have enough time for the whole process. In our case, it took 6 business days until the request has been fully processed.

Everything proceeded as follows. On the first visit to Wexford's Intreo Center, we only agreed on the date and time of our next meeting. There was a list (filled) of candidates available at the reception, and the earliest appointment date was possible in 4 business days. There is, in theory, the possibility of giving them a call or sending an email to book your meeting.


At the scheduled time, visit in person the Intreo Center and prepare the following documents:


  • Identity card, preferably passport

The office should accept the Czech Citizen's ID Card, but with the passport, they will never have any problems.

  • Reason for requesting PPS

The most appropriate solution is to provide a written confirmation (by the company) that you are working for Company X, and you need a PPS  for this purpose (Employment letter).

  • Official confirmation of address in Ireland, preferably the electricity/water/gas invoice with your name and Irish address on it

This is a significant problem for most applicants. How can you provide your electricity bill when you just arrived in Ireland, and you just started working or, even worse, you are just seeking a job. At this moment you can't even talk about having your own flat. In the office, they accept nothing but an official invoice from the standard service providers on your name. A confirmation from the hostel will, unfortunately, be declined. Many people get, thus, into a vicious circle - where the potential employer requests your PPS, and in the Intreo office, they require an official utility bill in order to issue a PPS. However, without a job, it is almost impossible to pay high rent (besides, in many cases the landlords require a commitment to a 1-year contract).


We provided a letter signed by our landlady, claiming that we lived at that address. We had to attach her original electricity bills (on her name).


The clerk then verifies on the phone with the employer that you are indeed working there and lets you fill out a simple form, verifies your Irish phone number, and takes a picture of you. You sign the form and the whole process is over ( 10 minutes). At this stage, your new PPS will be generated during the night. The next business day you can print your PPS in any local employment office (local Intreo - Employment Office, or at any branch without PPS registration competence). Within 5 business days, you will get the PPS plastic card to your address (validity 7 years).

More about PPS here (


How to open a bank account

Here again, occurs the problem with proof of the Irish address. As in the case of PPS, you will need to provide an official invoice (utility bill) at the Irish address on your name. If you already have a job, ask your employer to write a request for the bank to open a bank account for you. As per AIB - the petition had to be printed on the company's letterhead paper, addressed to the bank's manager, indicating the Irish address (without C / O) and my name. The letter must include the phrase "Name XY has recently arrived in Ireland and has started working, but can not provide evidence of his / her Irish address." The employer should also indicate your starting date and your employee's number explicitly.

Thanks to this document, we were able to open an account at the AIB. Prepare your PPS number and Irish phone number. Upon approval of the application by the bank's management (usually within two business days), you will receive your card PIN code to your address and, within another 5 working days, you will receive the debit card, again by post.