Sleeping at the Ngurah Rai International airport in Bali

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Updated 25.1.2017


Following the article "Why take a taxi from the airport to Kuta if you can walk" I would like to mention another tip for low-cost travelers. If you arrive at the Balinese International Airport late in the night, or you depart early in the morning the next day, I have a recommendation for you to save some cash on accommodation.



Paying for an overpriced night taxi is pointless. Walking to Kuta at night might not be the safest option either. Spare yourself the troubles with night accommodation seeking in the city and instead stay overnight at the airport.



If you don't mind giving up your comfort for a short while, you won't miss anything. The airport is open 24/7, a cheap grocery store is located in front of the main entrance - at the elevator cross the street and take it to the right (don't buy water right at the airport, the price is several times higher), unlimited high-speed WiFi and electrical outlets (European type), clean and spacious toilets are sufficient for basic hygiene.



Now, let's get to the most crucial point. What is the most suitable place for an overnight stay at Ngurah Rai? Upon entering the arrival hall, turn right and take the escalators to the second floor (or take the elevator). Here you will discover unoccupied spaces designed for future commercial businesses. At the moment, these spaces are idle and offer everything you might need for a carefree and safe overnight stay. In the evening you may meet only a few people (mostly tourists) looking for a piece of flooring for sleeping. No one will check up on you, stare or disturb you.



That's where we spent 2 nights from and to Bali. In the morning around 6 AM, you can head off to Kuta. The backpacker street Jl. Popies 1 is a 45-minute walk away. You will find many affordable accommodation options around here.



For 220K what you just have saved on a hotel and taxi, you can enjoy the famous All You Can Eat & Drink buffet for two at Sky Garden (map, 198K + 30K tax)!


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Overnight stay at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali

Ngurah Rai International Airport has enough room for casual overnight stays. The airport staff won't bother you, and due to the small size of the terminal, you won't have any issue to find the right spot quickly.

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I confirm that in January 2017 the mentioned spaces are still available and can be used for casual overnight stays.