Where to buy SIM and cheap 4G LTE mobile internet in Bali

3G internet na Bali

You arrived in Bali, but your intentions aren't really completely disconnecting yourself from the virtual world, nor just relying on the lousy WiFi connection of cheaper hotels? Everyone needs to surf, skype, chat, snapchat, use facebook, youtube and look up all the information necessary for your further traveling in Indonesia.

In the first days of your stay in Bali, your footsteps will definitely lead you to a telephone service provider where you can buy a new 4G-loaded SIM card.


If you plan to do so in Kuta in Bali or another turbulent touristy center, I definitely do not recommend buying  SIM cards at a street vendor or in some sort of "travel agency." They will most certainly rip you off. Guaranteed. This is how my friend Majkl bought a 4G SIM card at a scammy street stall vendor in Kuta (Bali) for exorbitant 400K IDR - when he could pay for the same sim card and data plan half price in the official shop.


Be sure to visit an authorized shop for your new sim card to avoid all these unnecessary scams.


I have good experience with TELKOMSEL provider. In Kuta Bali, look for one of TELKOMSEL's stores on the second floor of Mal Bali Galeria (map).


At the Grapari Telkomsel, you can expect perfect customer service. English-speaking staff will activate your new SIM card for you and top up with any desired 4G internet data plan. They will require one personal document from you, and the whole process won't take longer than 10 minutes of your time.


You will pay for your new SIM PATI 10,000 IDR (12,000 credit on it) and for another 90,000 IDR you get the cheapest 2GB mobile 4G Internet (30-days validity).


You can choose between many rate plans varying in terms of validity and FUP limit. From the basic 2GB plan you can get up to 32GB for 6 months for 850,000 IDR:


4GB, 30 days for 140,000 IDR

6GB, 30 days for 200,000 IDR

8GB, 30 days for IDD 270,000


Read more about pricing on TELKOMSEL (web)

In conclusion, I would add one point - do not expect from your 3G / 4G mobile Internet any dizzying transfer speeds like in Europe. Despite the full signal and 100% 3G availability, it seemed to me that the bandwidth was rather similar to the obsolete 2G.

To check credit, dial * 888 # and to check data balance * 889 #




In Ubud, you will find Telkomsel at Jl. Raya Ubud and Jl. Cok Gede Rai junction (map).