How to get an extract from the New Zealand Criminal Records

I would like to share my experience related to the Working Holiday Canada (International Experience Canada) application process and the associated handling of obtaining the extract from the New Zealand Criminal Records.

While applying for Working Holiday Canada, you must provide a for all countries where you've lived for more than 6 months.


Let's suppose you no longer live in New Zealand and request the criminal records extract remotely.


On the CIC page, you will find the official instructions for obtaining such a New Zealand police certificate:


Fill out the Consent to Disclosure of Information form:

Do not forget to mention your last NZ address. Sign the form, attach a copy of the passport data page, and along with the extracts from other countries, upload in one PDF file under "Police Certificates"  in the  "Supporting Documents" section within the IEC Application.


In such case, the CIC office should act on your behalf and obtain the relevant extract from the criminal records.

I don't know to what extent this procedure is up to date and whether the officials check all uploaded documents or not. In my case, everything went smoothly, and the IEC visa application was approved within 2 weeks.


According to many comments on the Internet, the CIC does no longer recognize the Consent to Disclosure of Information, and therefore you need to get the extract from New Zealand by yourself.


For IEC and other purposes, request the certificate online on the website of Ministry of Justice of NZ:

Here you will fill out the "Request Your Own Criminal Conviction History Form" application, state the last address in NZ, sign, attach your passport data copy and send to

Enter your name in the email subject.


The certificate is entirely free,  charge and it might take up to 20 business days to process! You will receive an electronic copy to your e-mail and a printed copy by mail at the home address you've provided.


I got the certificate after a month.