Working Holiday Canada application process (International Experience Canada) Get the visa in 4 steps!

The year has passed like flowing water, and the time to apply for the Working Holiday visa is slowly approaching.

The actual procedure has significantly changed in comparison to the previous years' practice. It's no longer a frantic clicking battle, "Whoever comes first," but now it will surely depend on your good luck.

How to get the IEC (Working holiday) visa?

Working Holiday Canada 2016 Czech Republic

1. Verify that you meet the basic requirements for granting an IEC visa


- Determine your eligibility

Under the "Eligibility criteria," read about the basic IEC requirements (vary by country):

be a Czech citizen, have a valid Czech passport, have a permanent stay in the CZ, be under 35 (including, at the time of application), have a minimum of 2500 CAD, have contracted health travel insurance for the entire duration of the stay, buy a return ticket or have enough funds for such purchase.


If you meet the criteria, proceed to:

Fill out a simple questionnaire at the end of which you will find out in which Pool you can create your profile. Make a note of your Personal Reference Code, which you will use in the next step.


2. Create a MyCIC profile

At this stage, you will need to create your personal MyCIC account at:


Click "Continue to GCKey." To create a profile, click the "Sign Up" link. Fill in the necessary information, use the Personal reference code and choose the type of visa you want. Based on the provided information, the system will include you in a particular Pool, the same group of people waiting for an invitation to continue to apply for an IEC visa.


Here we see a fundamental difference compared to 2015. You can create a profile at any time from 4 December 2015. Then the system randomly sends 100 invitations to applicants for an IEC visa up to a total of 1000 at regular intervals - rounds (1 week).

The first round of the invitations took place on January 18, 2016, and it seems that invitations are sent regularly every Monday.

There are probably no preferences in this random selection of candidates, and candidates registered as of December 4, 2015, are equally likely to be selected as candidates registered today.


I registered myself in the Pool on January 17, and the next day I had an invitation in my mailbox.


3. Receiving an invitation and continuing to apply for an IEC visa

If you are lucky and have been selected as one of those lucky people to whom the CIC has sent an invitation, go to add IEC information to your MyCIC profile:

personal information, contact details, details related to the IEC application, work and study history.


At the very end, you go to the "Supporting Documents" section where you will upload:

family information form,

proof of funds (bank statements for the last 4 months),

extract from the criminal record (officially verified and translated copies - I recommend, in person in Brno for 220 CZK (10 USD) or via email for about 350 CZK (15.50 USD),

CV in ENG (here:,

passport photo,

a copy of the passport's data page (additional pages and stamps are not required).


4. Payment of the fee

In the end, you will have to pay a 250 CAD fee for each IEC application.


Verification of your application may take up to 8 weeks, as the CIC states on its site. I did not get any comments from the officials, and the application was approved in 2 weeks.


If any remarks appear, you will receive a message in your MyCIC account and a reminder to your private email.

Perhaps there's one thing I wish you had - GOOD LUCK !!

Working Holiday Canada 2016 Czech Republic